Stars News - 2015:

  • It is no longer possible to purchase new Stars! serials, so under the principal of abandonware, full binaries and a list of serial numbers can be found on the download page. In multiplayer mode, each player must have a unique serial number.
  • Most of the Stars! clones are no longer active development, which includes Thousand Parsec, Stellar Legacy, Stars Nova and GStars!
  • Stars! Supernova Genesis was the planned offical sequal to Stars!. There was a closed beta test, but the project ran out of funding before completion and is unlikely ever to be released
  • Stars! is of the 4X turn-based stratergy genere. Its closest modern relative is probably Master of Orion 3 (2003) with a rumoured reboot
  • Elite, the classic first-person space trading/combat game, originally released on the BBC Micro, has just released a massive crowdfunded reboot: Elite Dangerous
  • Thank you all for your years of support, encouragement and feedback. This was my very first public website, launched in 2000 when I was only 17. I have since gone on to do many great things as a professional computer programmer. You may even have seen my work at or, but it all started here!
  • Should anybody care to fork/reuse this project, I have uploaded the HTML source code to Github.
    NOTE: Its pure table-based HTML! I had yet to discover CSS, SASS, javascript, angular, node, d3, gulp, puppet or any other of the modern build tools I now take for granted.

This FAQ is designed to replace both the Stars! Advanced and Technical FAQ (created by Dave Johnston) and the rgcs FAQ (created by myself James McGuigan). I will no longer be updating this site on a fairly regular basis, but it was an attempt to create a single web resource that contained and collates much of the known technical information about Stars! that has been found over the years.

This website is mostly unmaintained, and I have not been active in the Stars! community for many years now. I still recieve the occasional email which I do my best to answer.