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    • Where can I download the various Stars! patches (save into your stars directory)
    • Where can I get a Stars! serial #
      • Academic Bookstore \ Stockmann's
          You can buy a serial number via e-mail or over the phone / fax from them.
            Cost: 14.90 / 9.15 / $13.00
            Tel: Int+ 358-9-1214335 (Finland, Europe - International Rates May Apply)
            Fax: Int+ 358-9-1214335
          Payment accepted via Credit Card
          Stockmann is open weekdays 9am to 9pm, and Saturdays 9am to 6pm.
          Note: They are based in Finland (but all speak English), so are GMT+2h.
          (US time zones are: Eastern GMT-5 | Central GMT-6 | Mountain GMT-7 | Pacific GMT-8 hours | UK is GMT+0)

      • Empire Interactive (Game Publisher)
          Empire Interactive is now selling the Stars! game under the Xplosiv Label (UK cost: 5).

          Note: The first batch of the Xplosiv boxes released didn't include a serial number in the box, this problem has no been corrected and all currently shipping boxes should have serials, however should you happen to be given a box from the first batch, please contact Empire on the below number and explain the situation to them.
            UK: 0208 3437337 or 0800 783 0156
            Overseas : 00-44-208-343-7386

    • What is stored in the various Stars! game files
      • gamename.hst - Host file. Contains all the player and game setup info.
          Used to generate new turns.
      • gamename.xy - Universe definition file. Contains all the data about the game's universe.
          It is required by all players and the host, but stays the same throughout the game.
      • gamename.m# - Player turn file. Contains all info about the current turn info that the player has.
          This is the file a host sends to his players each turn.
      • gamename.x# - Submitted turn file. Contains the list of all commands the player gave in his turn.
          This is the file the player sends to the host each turn.
      • gamename.h# - History file. Contains previous turn info, including scanner and graph data.

      • - Universe data text dump. Contains all planet names and locations.
      • gamename.p# / .pla - Planet info text dump. Contains player known planet info (pop, habs etc).
      • gamename.f# / .fle - Fleet info text dump. Contains player known fleet info.

      • racename.r1 - Custom race file. Contains the race stats for a custom race.
          The host requires one of these from each player before starting the game.

    • The stars.ini file (in the windows directory)
      • Adding newreports=1 to the [misc] section will give increased information in your text dumps and change the name of the dump files from gamename.pla to gamename.p## (## being the player number)

      • Adding (or editing) a [fonts] section can cure some font problems click here for more details, here are the default settings for the various languages, though others can be substituted.

        • English:
            ArialBold=Arial Bold
            ArialItalic=Arial Italic
            ArialBoldItalic=Arial Bold Italic

        • German:
            ArialBold=Arial Fett
            ArialItalic=Arial Kursiv
            ArialBoldItalic=Arial Fett Kursiv

        • Danish:
            ArialBold=Arial fed
            ArialItalic=Arial kursiv
            ArialBoldItalic=Arial fed kursiv

        • Finnish:
            ArialBold=Arial Lihavoitu
            ArialItalic=Arial Kursivoitu
            ArialBoldItalic=Arial Lihavoitu Kursivoitu

        • Swedish:
            ArialBold=Arial Fet
            ArialItalic=Arial Kursiv
            ArialBoldItalic=Arial Fet Kursiv

        • Russian:
            Arial=Arial Cyr
            ArialBold=Arial Cyr
            ArialItalic=Arial Cyr
            ArialBoldItalic=Arial Cyr

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