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  • Multi-Player PBEM & Blitz

    • What is PBEM
        PBEM stands for Play By E-Mail. In Stars! it is used to refer to the method of playing whereby each player is sends and receives their turn files by e-mail. PBEMs are usually played at a rate of 1 turn each day or every few days, and thus the game will be stretched over a period of several months.

        This method has several advantages:
        • Players don't have to be online at the same time to play
        • Players can fit taking their turns into their own schedule
        • The pace of turns means players can take as long as they like over their turns
        • Diplomacy can play a big part as the timescales allow for discussion among players

      • Game Setup
        • If the game is to be played on Autohost then you should e-mail Ron Miller and let him know you wish to reserve / queue a spot.
        • All the players send the host their race files ( racename.r1 ) for the particular game.
        • The host generates a new game, either using the stars program or from the command line using a *.def file.
        • If the universe is to be re-mapped or there are other scenario setup then the host does this.
        • If the game is to be played on Autohost then the files should be submitted ( click here for details ).
        • For Autohost games just let the players know the url of your game page when it is ready.
        • The host sends each player a copy of the universe definition file ( gamename.xy ).

        For games hosted manually the procedure is as follows:
        • The host sends each player their turn file ( gamename.m5 goes to player #5 and so on).
        • The players take their turns and the host waits for them to return their submitted turn files ( gamename.x1 )
        • The host generates a new turn using the host file ( gamename.hst ), this can be done before all players have submitted.
        • The above steps are repeated for each new turn.

    • How to find new PBEMs to join.

    • What is Blitz
        Blitz style play is where the game is played online in semi-realtime, new turns are usually generated every 5 minutes.

        This method has several advantages:
        • Often multi-year generations are used where the players only submit for every 4th or 5th year (ie 2400, 2404, 2408, 2412 etc)
        • Blitz style games are usually played in tiny universe and occasionally a small, but very, very rarely on a medium+ size universe.
        • Blitz style games usually last several hours and played in a single stint.
        • Diplomacy is very brief, as the lack of time and pace of game don't allow time for big negotiations.

      • Where To Find
          Using an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client, (such as mIRC ), log onto one of the following servers:
            • Denver.CO.US.StarLink.Org
            • Glen.VC.AU.StarLink.Org
            • WichitaFalls.TX.US.StarLink.Org
            • SanJose.CA.US.StarLink.Org
            • Detroit.MI.US.StarLink.Org
            • Stockholm.SE.EU.StarLink.Org
            • CricInfo.LO.UK.Starlink.Org

          Then log onto the chat room #stars!
          If you have any difficulty transferring files using mIRC, then ask the other players present for assistance.

          Note: The #stars! chat room is a *lot* less active than in previous times, so if no one responds its likely everyone is busy doing other things.

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