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Interstellar Glossary

Alternators Nickname - for Alternate Reality races.

Capital Ship - A warship with a rating of more than 2000.

Colonizer - Any ship equiped with the colonisation module and thus able to colonize a planet.

Colonist Bomb - Common term for invading someone's planet with a obviously superior force.

Detonating Minefield - A Minefield set to remotely explode by it's SD owner.

Gate Scans - Common term for scans of gate-carrying planets performed by IT gates.

Hybrid - A race combining features of Hyper Growth and Hyper Producer races (see below)

Hyper Growth (HG) - A race with a high growh rate and good colinist resource efficience (res. per col., e.g. : 1/1000)

Hyper Producer (HP) - A race with a high factory efficiency (e.g. 15/7/25), a low colonist resource efficiency (e.g. : 1/2500) and most of the time lesser mining abbilities.

Instaforming - The CA's ability to instantly terraform a planet he colonizes.

Light year - The Distance light Travels in 1 year. This is approx. 9 000 000 000 000 km ( 9 * 1012 km )

Magnitude - The brightness of a solar object. Each order of magnitude is exactly 2.512 times brighter than the previous one. e.g. : 2m is 3m * 2.512. 

Mass accelerator - A device used to fling/catch Mineral Packets at various warp speeds.

Mass Driver - see : Mass accelerator

Mining robots - Robots you drop on an uninhabitted planet to mine it. 

Mico-Management - Having to take care of lots of details each turn 

Remote Terraformers - Ships equiped with Orbital Adjustors.

Resources - Your production capacity. Consider it your money. 

Speed Trap - A mine which, when hit, will stop your fleet in space. Also refered to as : Speed Bumb.

Stargate - A device with wich you can send ships from planet to planet in one year, considering both planets are equiped with a stargate and the Stargates limitations aren't exceeded.

Warp speed - The speed at wich objects move. This is : Warp * Warp ly/y. e.g. : Warp 5 = 5*5 = 25ly/year

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