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Ultimate Race
by: John Doe

I remember someone once asked about what the best race against the AI's was. Well, here's what I think is *the* best. I beat 3 Expert AI in less than 70 years.

Hyper Expansion PRT

Improved Starbases, to protect your border colonies. Basic Remote Mining, because you don't need to remote mine, you'll see later.

Habitable Range:
Immune to all!

6% growth rate, for it if doubled to 12%, and you don't need to high a growth rate for one important reason: Everything is 100% for your colonists!

One resource generated for every 900 colonists.
10 factories make 12 resources per year.
Factories require 8 resources to build.
10,000 colonists operate up to 12 factories.
Factories cost one less of each mineral.
10 mines make 11 kt of each mineral.
Mines are 4 resources to build.
10,000 colonists operate 13 mines.
The strategy with this race is to expand like crazy at first, building (at leat) three mini-colonizers each turn and sending them to colonize. In the mid game, you should already have about 70+ planets (mid game is about year 2440). You then should already have the Meta-Morph hull, and build them to protect you colonies, and build ultra-stations at your border colonies to protect them. Soon, you should be declared a winner.

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