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Race Descriptions
by: Mathias Dellaert

This actually an article I made for the upcoming (very soon I hope) Mystery Guild but I thought it could be usefull for newbie players and decided to post it.

I added this section to provide newbies some help in decoding NG posts and articles here.  If you're not used to them, race designs can be very confusing.

Like I said this is aimed towards the confused newbie, but it might be a good idea for some more advanced players/posters to read it too so race descriptions become a bit more consistent in form.

Let's take the folowing race description (this is a non-excisting race just for example purposes):

hab : 0.27 - 8.00 ; -88 - 88 ; 70 - 100
1 in 8
18% Growth

G box checked

Bio standard, everything else + 75%
+75% start at tech 3 checked

This is a pretty standard race description and you'll find that it's the most popular.

The first line obviously describes the PRT, in this case CA, and the second line lists all taken LRT's (abbreviations).  The third line describes the hab ranges in the order : Gravity ; Temperature ; Radiation.  This line is often left away.  The fourth line is the number of planets that is habitable by this race. In this case 1 in 8 or about 12% The next line s the growth rate.

The folowing part is the production page.  It starts with the colonist efficiency (the number of colonists needed to produce 1 resource).  This has the form of : 1/x where x is a number between 700 and 2500.  The next line are the factory settings.  This has the form of : x/y/z where :

In the exaple this would mean that : 10 factories produce 14 resources, factories cost 8 resources a piece and 10 000 colonists can opperate 25 factories.  The G box checked line means that the "factories cost 1 Kt less of Gemanium to build" checkbox is checked.  The folowing line are the mine settings and has basicly the same form as for factories, just replace "factories" with "mines" and "resources" with "Kt of each mineral".

Next are the research settings and they are pretty obvious.  The "+75% starts at tech 3 checked" line means that the "all 'costs 75% extra' research fields start at tech 3" checkbox is checked.

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