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by: Andrew Sterian

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Introduction to

This FAQ is posted monthly to the newsgroup. For corrections or suggestions on improving the FAQ, please contact the current maintainer listed in the 'Maintainer:' header above. Please read the "Newsgroup Charter" section below before posting to this newsgroup.

Subject: 0. Table of Contents

1. What is Stars! (very brief)
2. Newsgroup Charter
3. Nomenclature
4. Other Stars! Resources

Subject: 1. What is Stars! (very brief)

Stars! is a computer strategy game for the Windows platform. If you want to learn more about this game, or if you want to download a playable demo version, visit the Stars! WWW page:!

The above site also offers many other resources, including a comprehensive FAQ, links to other Stars! WWW sites, and reviews of the game.

Subject: 2. Newsgroup Charter


This newsgroup is a forum for the discussion of the strategy game "Stars!", written by Jeff Johnson and Jeff McBride.  This newsgroup will not be moderated. Acceptable postings to this newsgroup include:

All forms of advertisement other than those covered above are considered UNACCEPTABLE for posting to this newsgroup.

Postings containing binary files (regardless of encoding) are UNACCEPTABLE for this newsgroup.  Rather than posting a binary file, the binary file should be placed at an appropriate FTP site (such as the /pub directory of, which is the main "Stars!" FTP server) or posted to or alt.binaries.misc and a pointer to the binary file's location posted to this newsgroup.

Subject: 3. Nomenclature Here is a list of terms that you may encounter in newsgroup discussion. Please contact the current maintainer for changes or additions to this list. Thanks to Kent Peterson for getting this started. Racial Acronyms
General Game Terms
Ship Acronyms
Other Terms

Subject: 4. Other Stars! Resources ----
End of "[] Introduction and Information (FAQ)"

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