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The Stars! Computer AIs
by: Author Unknown

An AI is a computer player. AIs always exist in single player games and can be chsoen as one or more of the opponents in a multi-player game. AIs are based on the same set of primary and secondary racial traits available to you.

  • Robotoids - Hyper Expansion
  • Turindrones - Jack of all Trades
  • Automitrons - Inner Strength
  • Rototills - Claim Adjuster
  • Cybertrons - Packet Physics
  • Macinti - Alternate Reality

    You can specify how capable they are (in the retail version). The AIs in Stars! were designed so they cannot cheat. If you choose the expert setting they will have extra resources available for race design. They are far from being as capable as a human opponent but, if you let them, they will teach you a lesson.

    For beginners it is suggested that you play against the Rototills or the Automitrons until you become more accomplished in your game play. Then move on to the Turindrones and Macinti. When you are confident in your ability to defeat these races try the Cybertrons and the Robotoids.

    For an experienced player looking for a good game try playing with the Cybertrons and Robotoids in a Small or Tiny universe. Another good setup is a Huge universe with about 6 or 7 Robotoids with the rest of the slots filled with Cybertrons and Macinti.

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