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How to Hide Behind Planets
by: Various Authors


Does anybody know how you can hide your ships behind a planet?


Send them to the planet! The other guy won't see you unless he's got penetrating scanners. Yes, this is powerful. Yes, some people think it's a 'bug' or at least a nasty feature. It means you can planet-hop right up to someones doorstep without being seen.


I've always wondered why the people who don't like this feature don't just play in Large or Huge Sparse universes, rather than Medium or Large Dense..... The game really is more configurable than people seem to take advantage of....


Another Response

I like 'planet hopping'. once sent a great attack fleet to an AR homeworld by planet hopping all the way .... I latter found out that the player had quited the game a few turns before I first saw him.

Yet Another Response

One way to deal with this planet hopping strategy is posting cheap hulls with an engine and scanner at every planet in your space. It may seem excessive, but it works!

Another Answer

Your ship captains automatically hide themselves when in orbit; so just send your ships to a planet, and they'll hide! This automatic hiding has led to the practice of "planet-hopping," making sure that your ships ALWAYS end turns at planets (as opposed to Deep Space). Unless you run into an enemy ship, minefield, or pen scanner, you'd effectivly have a 100% cloak.

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